Perfect Hair Colour

Metropolis Hairdressing salon in Kingston has the best colourists in London. Get hair colour tones and highlights that last and last from an expert colourist at Metropolis. Your new hair colour will suit your skin tone, your personal style, and be perfect for your age and persona.

A full range of colour services

Metropolis offers semi-permanent glossing, retouch colour, highlights and colour correction depending on your hair needs and desired effect. We require a skin sensitivity test 49 hours prior to any colour service if you haven’t had a colour in the last 12 months. We also recommend you book a blow-dry at the time of your colour for optimal results.

How can you get a hair colour that’s right for you?

Not sure what process or colour is best for you? We’re the experts, so sit back and put your hair in our hands. We’ll choose the correct technique, process and colours to give you customised, perfect hair whether you want to look natural or more dramatic.

Metropolis colourists use the latest techniques

Want naturally radiant hair? We can take you from blonde to brunette to hot redhead in a snap and you’ll look naturally fresh and flawless. We’re trained in the latest colour and highlighting techniques so you know your colour is on-trend, in style, and a headliner.

How to keep coloured hair looking healthy

Want dramatic, jaw-dropping glossy hair? Our long-lasting hair colours and products are of the highest quality, ensuring your hair is luxuriously conditioned, shiny and vibrant in whatever shade of gorgeous you choose. You’ll feel confident when you leave the house or the office, no matter who you run into. Metropolis colours will help your hair look beautifully rich and healthy every day.

How can I correct a bad colour?

Colour correction is a very precise, challenging process. There are many factors that contribute to the situation: the condition of your hair, the chemicals and processes that were used initially to create the problem, and the realistic options for correcting your hair colour. Colour correction is expensive, time intensive and usually requires several processes over a period of weeks to recondition the hair, change the colour as gradually as necessary, and retouch.

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