The Experience

“I believe winning the prestigious Fellowship Individual Salon of the Year was a reflection of our attention to customer care and consistently delivering a unique Metropolis Experience,” explains Robert Masciave, founder of Metropolis in Kingston, Surrey.

Loyal, satisfied salon clients

Metropolis went head to head with London’s top salons and came away the winner. With Client Care absolutely paramount to salon success, Robert and the Salon team recognise that without the most loyal of clients, our Metropolistas, the salon simply would not exist.

Where can you find Kingston’s best hairdressing salon?

Metropolis is located in the centre of Kingston upon Thames, an area bustling with exclusive shops and boutiques. “To stand out from the 60 or more salons in our area, we have to offer something that clients feel is special,” explains Robert. “The difference is that we take the time with every client. We look at her as a complete person – her hair, her body, her face shape, and her personal style. Then we create the hair that makes her look her best and suits her persona, lifestyle, and image. No other salon gives the same attention to detail, and that’s what makes us special and unique.”

Do you want a unique, boutique salon feeling and experience?

We’ve created a unique ‘Metropolis Experience” – a comprehensive and robust client journey that examines every point of client contact with the salon, from booking through to salon exit, to make it as relaxing, fulfilling and enjoyable as possible. The Salon is distinctive, both in presence and service, utilising a sophisticated and integrated Customer Care programme, more commonly seen in much larger chain salons, but keeping the intimate boutique feel and personalised attention you can only find in independent salons.