Salon Rehab

Love hairdressing, good at managing the business, but struggling to manage the people side of your salon? Coni Masciave is a noted expert in communication and culture and highly sought presenter and lecturer in high tech, banking, energy and healthcare industries, working with Fortune 500 companies around the world.

How to get world class coaching for your salon?

Coni is now bringing her unique knowledge and perspective to the hair industry through her outstanding “Salon Rehab” process.

How do I build a strong salon brand?

Salon Rehab helps salon owners create a strong brand and healthy salon culture based on the principles of positive psychology and behaviour based branding. The result is increased customer loyalty and improved employee satisfaction and retention.

Learn to manage the people side of the salon

Coni’s workshops can be tailored to your salons needs, and cover topics such as your brand, creating a brand experience, eliminating drama, and building a positive workplace. You’ll learn how to create a culture of accountability where staff are motivated and responsible for their own success and the success of the salon. [LINK TO CONIMASCIAVE.COM]

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