Hairstyles for My Face Shape

Whether you have a round face, long face or oval face, the right hairstyle and cut makes a big difference. To make a style that suits you perfectly, you have to consider the face shape, facial features, hair type and length, and body proportions.

How do I get a hairstyle for my face shape?

Robert and his team of Metropolis stylists in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey will look at your face shape and features to give you the perfect cut. Robert recommends cutting the hair to emphasize your best features – typically your eyes and cheekbones. A good cut will also balance your jawline, nose and forehead so your face has ideal proportions. Lastly, the ideal hair cut will remedy other minor flaws like a flat head, large or protruding ears, or heavy neck. A great haircut is better than plastic surgery to make you look amazing!

What hair styles suit round, long or oval faces?

If you have a round face shape like Kirsten Dunst or Kiera Knightley, you need a hairstyle with soft layers that emphasize your cheekbones and jaw line to make your face appear more oval. If you have a long face shape like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, or Liv Tyler, you need a haircut that balances your face to make it appear more oval. If you have an oval face shape like Charlize Theron, Rihanna, or Catherine Zeta Jones, you can wear your hair in a wide variety of styles depending on your hair type and your body proportions.

What hair style will make me look my best?

Your Metropolis stylists are trained to give each woman a haircut that suits her face shape; hair texture such as fine, flat, or thin hair; and personal style – not just applying one of the ‘cookie cutter’ hairstyles of the season. They’ll also teach you how to replicate the style at home. When you go to Metropolis, you know you’ll come away looking beautiful, sexy and confident with great hair every day.

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