Hairstyles for Long Hair

Robert is known as one of the U.K.’s long hair specialists, creating long hair looks for magazines and catwalks in London and at the boutique Metropolis salon in Kingston, Surrey.

What can I do with my long hair?

Whether your look is sexy waves like Giselle Bunchen or you want to try bold avant garde looks like Lady Gaga, book an appointment with Metropolis and get inspiration for your long hair. Maybe you want to add a fringe like Reese Witherspoon or have girl next door waves like Kate Middleton? Long hair doesn’t have to be boring!

How can I make long hair stop breaking?

Long hair can also look flat and lifeless if it’s not cared for properly. So if you have long hair take the time to give your hair special treatment to keep it looking healthy. Robert recommends regular in-salon treatments that will make your long hair strong and resist breakage.

What long hair styles can I do at home?

Your stylist is a great source for inspiration and showing you many ways to do your long hair – hair up, dramatic updos, super straight, or luscious long waves. Your hairstylist will teach you how to replicate the look at home and show you which products from L’Oreal, Kerastase, Revlon Professional or Style Masters are best for your long hair so you can have ‘salon looking’ hair every day.

Should I grow my hair out?

Beyond your hair type and texture, your body type, frame and proportions also determine which length of hair will suit you best. Your Metropolis stylist will recommend the ideal length for your hair to suit your personality, style, and physical features.

Robert’s tips for long hair:

  1. Look after long hair by keeping it trimmed and fresh. Long hair is fragile and attacked by weather and elements, so shampoo, conditioner and treatments are a must to have healthy hair.
  2. Carefully detangle the hair without pulling to avoid breakage – starting with ends and then going to the roots.
  3. Avoid sea, sun and chlorinated water to keep long hair healthy and don’t overuse irons, hair dryers or brushes to avoid breakage and damage.

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